We seek the construction of self-dependence; establish organic relationships; design our future based on the culture, the natural environment and the legal framework of the country. The peasants have assumed their organizational role with seriousness and therefore are convinced of the urgency of getting to know themselves and their social and natural environments. Only to the extent that such knowledge is profound, we will have the certainty that our proposals to advance the processes are correct, although later they require adjustments or even changes of course.

The mingueros play a leading role in their community, some with greater ability to be proactive and creative because they are natural leaders of the same, and therefore assume responsibilities with the local well-being, which is not different from the pursuit of happiness. Therefore, we begin by defining local needs, omitting the impositions of a political or economic nature with which they have historically manipulated us. We continually learn to make use of the tools that the so-called democracy has created without us, which has allowed us to know human rights, the Colombian constitution, the laws and other norms established for citizen participation; We also lead actions by observing those who, in the supposed use of their freedom, threaten our life or our environment. Consequently, the management for local living is based on what we call Social Right, which is an attempt to socialize the law, demystify it and remove it from legal offices.

We accompany rural business initiatives, ecotourism, handicrafts, microcredit, production of fresh products and processed as natural ointments, essential oils, foods like jams and preserves.

With pride, but with humility, we recognize that this path traveled in the midst of joys and sorrows, is successful but should continue to enrich itself in a dynamic way. That is why we decided to share our achievements and gaps with others who, like us, have been able to design their dreams and execute them.