Our organization

The Association of Unified Peasants, ASOUNIFIED, began its history with the invitation of city and town friends to recognize the importance of the organization in 1987. In 1990 the Cooperative was founded and in 1996 we changed our organizational form to that of Association. Currently, we are part of the base organizations of the ADC and we have a radius of action in the municipalities of Chachagüí and Buesaco. The emphasis of our work as Minga has been to recover and conserve the fertility of the soil affected by monoculture, deforestation, the indiscriminate use of agrochemicals and the increase of drying.

Where we are?

To the northeast of the department of Nariño, where is the political-administrative limit of the municipalities of Buesaco and Chachagüí, marked by the la Honda. The Municipality of Chachagüí is located 28 Kilometers away from the Pan-American highway that leads to Popayán from Pasto, at an altitude of 1950 meters above sea level and with an average temperature of 20º C, its main economic activities are corn monocultures, fique, guinea pig breeding and chickens. For its part, the Municipality of Buesaco is located 38 kilometers from the city of Pasto, at an altitude of 2,020 meters above sea level and 20ºC average temperature.

Who is it?

We are 19 associates and 10 Heirs of the Planet summoned by the work in Minga, we decided to meet in this organization and live in the villages of Hato – Tongosoy, Cortijo, El Retiro, Portachuelo, El Convento and Sánchez.

How are we organized?

The organizational structure is made up of the articulation of five groups that have a defined role: Women; children and young Heirs of the Planet: “Friends of Nature”; Producers Sociocultural Group; and Network of Land Recuperators. Each of the groups elected in a General Assembly a person to represent us in a Coordinating Committee, and a person to perform the general coordination, who assumes the legal representation of the Minga for a period of two years.


Hermes Nestor Villada

Chief Coordinator

Vereda Portachuelo – Municipio de Chachagüí

Email: asociacionunificados@gmail.com