The group “Laureles del Campo” is made up of 11 peasant families, located in the San Felipe neighborhood of the Obonuco District in the municipality of Pasto, their motivation to stay together is their interest in sensitizing and raising awareness in all people about the conservation and management of the Mijitayo micro-basin, one of the water sources that supplies the urban area of the municipality of Pasto, for this, this group advances activities in production-conservation, transformation of natural products, through training for strengthening organizational, and start generating strategies that contribute to your well-being local.  
Coordinates: 01º11’19.49’’N – 77º18’26.12″W
General Data
2.820 msnm.
Economic activity in the area
In the San Felipe district, economic activity is reflected in the production of potatoes, onions, vegetables, vegetables and livestock, another of the economic sources that are currently working is the production of guinea pigs.
Number of Active Families and / or Heirs
11 Peasant families and 12 Heirs of the Planet Guardians of Water.
Main activities of the Group or Minga with ADC
  • Sensitization on the importance of conservation of the Mijitayo Micro-basin.
  • Strengthening of food security and conservation of biodiversity, through the implementation and management of the sustainable production system.
  • Community projection through the presentation of films with the proposal of Ruana Cinema.
  • Processes of environmental education with children and young people through walks for the recognition of the environment, research and drawing workshops, painting.
  • Workshops and discussions on context analysis, organizational forms, project development and Human Scale Development.