The group is made up of 35 peasant families of the Chapacual District, Municipality of Yacuanquer, their motivation to stay together is reflected in the continuous training for the implementation of vegetable gardens with agroecological principles, for this they develop activities of production – conservation, transformation of products natural, actions that also allow the organizational strengthening, and projection to the community.  
Coordinates: 01º08’47.43N – 77º27’08.47’’W
General Data
2.181 msnm
Economic activity in the area
The main economic activity is the production of coffee and dairy cattle.
Number of Active Families and / or Heirs
35 peasant families and 25 Heirs of the Planet “Manantial de Vida”.
Main activities of the Group or Minga with ADC
  • Implementation of vegetable gardens with agroecological principles, transformation of products such as: desserts, traditional dishes, creams of aromatic and medicinal plants and soaps, elaboration of organic fertilizers
  • Projection to the community through days of garbage collection, exchange of products, work mingas, elaboration of signs with messages for environmental awareness and presentation of films with the proposal of Ruana Cinema.
  • Formulation and management of projects at the Municipal level, proposal of solidarity savings.
  • Generational relay with Heirs of the Planet “Manantial de Vida”, through Walks, Research, ecological minima, peasant identity workshops, values and principles of children and youth, Human Scale Development.