Our organization

The Association of La Orquídea Peasants, ASORQUIDEA, is an associative minga that initiates a training and formation process since 1986, we are part of the base organizations of the ADC. Asorquídea is a life option on a human scale whose principle is respect for life in all its forms, with gender equity. Our priority policy is the food security of peasant families, with emphasis on the recovery of soil fertility and the protection of water sources with their associated biodiversity. Our radius of action is the municipality of Yacuanquer south of Nariño.

Where we are?

Yacuanquer is located 25 Kilometers from the municipality of Pasto, by the Pan-American highway that from Pasto leads to Ipiales, at an altitude of 2670 meters above sea level and an average temperature of 13º C, where the main economic activity is the monocultures of wheat, corn and pea, the exploitation of sand mines and the breeding of some minor species such as pigs and guinea pigs.

Who is it?

The Minga consists of 36 peasant associates and 69 Heirs of the Planet inhabitants of the villages of Minda, Tacuaya, Tasnaque, La Cocha and Mohechiza, who have participated in the training process in different activities involving women, children, youth and adults. (ASORQUÍDEA, July 2009).

How are we organized?

The Minga Asociativa is organized into four active groups: Women, Production, Conservation and children and young people that make up the group “Heirs of the Planet” La Orquídea. All participate according to their tastes and preferences and are committed to the different activities to be carried out. Each of the groups elected in a General Assembly a person to represent us in a Coordinating Committee, and a person to perform the general coordination, who assumes the legal representation of the Minga for a period of two years.


Amelia Ellizabeth Castellanos Hernandez

Chief Coordinator

Vereda Tacuaya – Municipio de Yacuanquer

Email: orquideasociacion@gmail.com