In the municipality of Consacá, the villages of Josepe and San Rafael are located, where there lives a group of children and young Heirs of the Planet “Conservadores de un Sueño de Vida – COSUVI”, who lead actions in favor of the environment, implementing agroecological principles in their family gardens and investigating the local biodiversity present in their natural environment.  

Coordinates: 1º11’16.91”N -77º27’28.46”W

General Data
The area is part of the western slope of the Galeras Volcano at 1,720 masl and an average temperature of 15 ° C.
Economic activity in the area
The families present in this western zone of Nariño have a vocation for coffee production.
Number of Active Families and / or Heirs
26 children and young people, members of the San Rafael and Josepe families, actively participate.
Main activities of the Group or Minga with ADC
  • Accompaniment to the activities of sustainable production in the school garden of the San Rafael Educational Center.
  • Days of investigation in the avifauna present in the crops of coffee in the zone.