By: Octavio Duque López

Disoñar1 is a neologism of which the ADC appropriated to describe the action of the people who assume the responsibility of designing their dreams and executing them, this word was used for the first time by Lord Leon Octavio Osorno.

In 1996 more than 200 people, from 14 countries, participated in “Disoñadores del futuro. An encounter in the South “, convened by the Association for Peasant Development. It was a memorable meeting in which affection was shared, knowing how to be, knowing how to do, knowing how to have, knowing how to be and from which the participants came out strengthened to continue building social and personal imaginaries.

In 1998, the event “With your feet on the ground. Campo para Disoñar “, was an occasion to verify the validity of the affection and the importance of keeping accessible meeting spaces for those who live individual or collective experiences that travel proven paths to live. In effect, 280 people from 11 countries, shared their way of decorating.

In 2000, when the Peasant Development Association attended the call to organize a third meeting, certain actors of the Colombian conflict prevented its realization.

In 2010, the Association for the Development of Peasants, ADC, called again for a meeting of Disoñadores that he called “Dream and Dissociate through multiple paths”. It was the 30th birthday of involvement in innovation and the use of tools to consolidate human scale development, which is the option chosen by the communities that comprise it. It was a privileged opportunity to rediscover accomplices who, traveling other paths, generate good living for themselves and for the social sectors with which they are committed. By pausing to analyze the path traveled, the ADC believes that, converging with other designers, strengthens its own process and that of those who wish to share a time to celebrate diversity, reload the affection and continue weaving networks of solidarity.

Motivated by the importance of continuing to participate in the construction of different ways of thinking, acting and sharing in 2011, in Santandercito, Cundinamarca, a group of Bogotanos Disoñadores had the initiative to generate another meeting, the theme was “Bien vivir y bien morir: arte, derecho y ética “. where the lives of people representing human diversity who stubbornly continue to give testimony of hope in a society capable of living in harmony with their culture, with other cultures and with the natural environment were shared. Then, in 2012, they meet again at Santandercito to celebrate “Best Worlds”.

The next meeting … we are disoñando