¡Nueva Sede Temporal! Carrera 6B # 19-04 Barrio Sendoya. Tels: 315 336 0014 - 720 33 83
Coordinates: 01°08’03.29’’N -77°24’20.09’’W
General Data
2.757 msnm
Economic activity in the area
The main economic activity is the production of dairy cattle, the production of wheat and guinea pigs.
Number of Active Families and / or Heirs
Twenty-two peasant children and young people are participating in this group.
Main activities of the Group or Minga with ADC
  • Research on Huerta topics with Agroecological principles, myths and legends.
  • Workshops and discussion on peasant identity, principles and values of children and youth, Human Scale Development.
  • Sports encounters with other Sidewalks, traditional games, presentation of films through Ruana Cinema proposal.
  • Participation in the Construction of the Public Policy of Youth and Adolescence of the Department of Nariño.