Our organization

The Association of Peasants Minga Gualmatán, is an associative minga of peasants, who started a process of training and formation since 1998, is constituted as a Legal Person in the year 2000. It is part of the base organizations of the ADC, has its radio action in the Gualmatán District, Municipality of Pasto.

Where we are?

On the eastern side of the Galeras volcano, 7 Kilometers away from Pasture in the Flora and Fauna Sanctuary is located the Gualmatán District with an area that goes from 2500 to 4200 masl. It is characterized by the presence of fog, low temperatures and strong winds. There is the Black Lagoon, the Small Cocha and the White Lagoon, whose moor is the main source of water supply for the aqueducts of the surrounding villages.

From the 2800 to the 3100 meters, there is the buffer zone of the Galeras Sanctuary. An average temperature of 13ºC where the main economic activity are monocultures of cabbage, broccoli cauliflower, potato and the breeding of some minor species such as pigs and guinea pigs.

Who is it?

We are 25 associates and 30 Heirs of the Planet, farmers from the villages of Nueva Bethany, Gualmatán Alto, Gualmatán Centro, Fátima, Huertecillas that we started with the implementation of agroecological production systems and conservation of natural resources.

How are we organized?

We are organized into four active groups that correspond to: Gender Equality, Production – Conservation, Communications with the radio group “Gualmavisión”, and children and young people that make up the group “Hederos del Planeta” Gualmaventura. We all participate according to tastes and preferences and we are committed to the different activities to be carried out. Each of the groups elected in a General Assembly a person to represent us in a Coordinating Committee, and a person to perform the general coordination, who assumes the legal representation of the Minga for a period of two years.


Ximena Maigual

Chief Coordinator

Corregimiento Gualmatan – Municipio de Pasto

Email:  asociacionmingagualmatan@gmail.com