The interest group of the path La Esperanza, in the municipality of Puerres, is made up of 9 peasant families, who decided 3 years ago to change their way of life, to move from the indiscriminate extraction of the mountain by extracting charcoal and firewood, to produce In a diversified way in its estate, the conservation and production is a challenge under existing environmental and cultural conditions, the efforts are crystallized in concrete actions that are recognized at local and regional level. The ADC is permanently accompanying this new organizational process under the dynamic that the same group establishes autonomously.  
Coordinates: 0º51’09.06’’N -77º27’54.08’’ W
General Data
Families live very close to the moor ecosystem at 3,200 meters above sea level, the average temperature is 8 ° C. The municipality of Puerres is located 80 km south of the capital of Nariño, the city of San Juan de Pasto. The distance from the municipal head of Puerres to La Esperanza Trail is 10 km by unpaved road.
Economic activity in the area
The family economy is based on agricultural activity. Among the main crops are: potatoes, corn, wheat, barley, beans, beans, pastures, etc. Livestock, in recent years this activity has taken great importance. The participants of the organizational process, begin to have their main economic source with the management and production in the raising of guinea pigs and pigs.

In general, in La Vereda la Esperanza families work in the extraction of coal and firewood, as well as in seasons they are day laborers of the actions carried out by Ecopetrol

Number of Active Families and / or Heirs
9 peasant families
Main activities with ADC
  • Implementation and management of sustainability elements, workshops on nutrition, health and handling of animals, transformation of products such as: traditional cooking dishes, aromatic and medicinal plant creams, elaboration of organic fertilizers.
  • Workshops and discussions on organizational forms, rural solidary economy, formulation and management of projects at the municipal level.