Network of Natural Reserves of Civil Society

Reserves are fragments of natural ecosystems that owners take care of to ensure that future generations know and perpetuate them.

In them we find forests with a lot of fog, the lowest páramos in the world with their beautiful frailejones, and wetlands of all sizes with their landscape charm.

From the microfauna to the large animals inhabit our ecosystems and guarantee the reproduction of the species.

In our reserves we cultivate most of what we eat: fresh, healthy and without poisons.

Network of Natural Reserves of La Cocha

We are a working group made up of families that are part of the Associative Minga ASOYARCOCHA, family farms where we have implemented productive alternatives that, being appropriate to the environment, recover cultural traditions, involve validated modern technologies, minimize environmental damage and take into account each member of the family, enhancing their growth and dignity.

In the nature reserves we can meet and share the following activities:

Production – Conservation

Betting on the construction of our food sovereignty from the healthy production in our farms, in what is known as food security, an alternative way to supply our fundamental needs through the implementation of different elements of sustainability (vegetable garden for self-consumption, production of organic fertilizers, decontamination of wastewater, cultivation of ancestral products), which interact in a Sustainable System of Agroecological Production. This way of producing led us to reduce the pressure on our natural environment and the fragments of natural ecosystems present in our farms, to regenerate or preserve their good condition.

In the Nature Reserves we will also learn to know and love the different ways of life, to discover how the wind whispers melodies of the earth, to listen to the song of the birds, to feel the aroma of tausos, motilones and piquisiques, to be ecstatic with the beauty of orchids, toucans and hummingbirds, we have also learned to listen to the voices that the wind brings, to distinguish the names pronounced with urgency by the frailejones of the páramos, the disheveled heads of the palms and the trees condemned to the pain of the fire or the chainsaw.

Working with Children and Youth

We are children and young people in the search for a better world where we have the opportunity to become true authors of the changes that our Planet Earth and especially Colombia needs, for this we make reforestations, biological corridors, nursery set-ups, puppet workshops, music, theater, we like to meet more people, know our region and also other places in the country, have fun, laugh, sing, dance, imagine and mainly dream of a different country, because we want to guarantee to those who will come after us a place where they can live and realize their dreams; Today we continue in these lands full of opportunities struggling to preserve it and enjoying knowing it and discovering its secrets.

Genetic Resources

In the concern to produce our own inputs: fertilizers, biological controls and seeds, we have noted the accelerated loss of our genetic resources, therefore, some of us decided to establish small living genetic banks in order to value and preserve biodiversity as our heritage natural and cultural Among the most important are: 41 varieties of potatoes, 32 varieties of beans, 10 varieties of corn, 3 of geese and 5 of ullocos, among others, as well as lines of guinea pigs and rabbits.

Environmental education

We will be pleased to share our habitat, culture and ancestral wisdom with you through interpretation trails.

Men and women who will contribute our knowledge and experiences to build a life option, based on respect and appreciation of each person as a person, appreciation of others and appreciation of the environment in search of happiness. We will then learn to enjoy our closest natural environment and value it for what it is and not for what it represents in money.

Who we are part of the Network, we offer:

  • Human warmth
  • Trails of interpretation that we will travel together, through our forests, through our páramos or through our crops.
  • Typical food of the Nariño fields.
  • Some organic and other artisan products.
  • Accommodation for small groups.
  • Direct contact with the different forms of life that nature offers us.

Note that:

The services offered by the Nature Reserves are provided directly by the families and represent an income for them and not for ASOYARCOCHA and / or the ADC, who, as accompanying organizations, establish contacts and facilitate payment mechanisms when required, but do not invoice said services. If you want to make the most of your visit, we kindly ask you to book in advance, if the families know that they will be visited, it is possible to guarantee a great deal of excellent attention.