The interest group of San José de Córdoba, represents the community aspirations of the small peasant producers that integrate the yacuanquereña rural environment. The situation and organization of the collective has allowed to achieve some achievements in Sovereignty, Autonomy and Food Security, through the implementation of sustainable production systems with agro-ecological principles.  
Coordinates: 01°08’54.46’’N – 77°22’17.56’’W
General Data
At 25 km from the city of Pasto, is the municipality of Yacuanquer. 2.6 km north of the municipal seat of Yacuanquer is San José de Córdoba. The trail has an area of 400 Ha. approx. It has a wide altitudinal range between 2,500 and 3,750 m., Of high Eco systemic importance, as it hosts part of the Flora and Fauna Sanctuary.
Economic activity in the area
Previously, the most important economic agricultural activity was wheat and corn. At present, the productive matrix is represented in bio diverse orchards, some crops of potato, wheat, barley, dairy cattle and minor species.
Number of Active Families and / or Heirs
The group of San José de Córdoba is made up of 18 (eighteen) families from the sectors of San José and Córdoba. Twenty-seven (27) girls, boys and young people make up the group Heirs of the Planet “Frailejones de Telpis” (In recognition of the frailejones that adorn the Telpis Lagoon), from the village of San José de Córdoba.
Main activities of the Group or Minga with ADC
  • Promote training spaces in democracy, social rights and community leadership.
  • Contribute to the conservation of biodiversity with the implementation of Sustainable Production Systems.
  • Sensitization and environmental research in natural environments.