The richness and diversity of the Nariño territory is an attraction for those who enjoy rural tourism, the possibility of knowing the culture of the towns and their traditions, as well as understanding their natural environment.

The rural areas of the department captivate travelers for the tranquility and harmony of their landscapes, as well as the culture that is reflected through their daily work and traditional customs that bring individuals closer together.

There, it is possible to contemplate an infinite green horizon, crystal clear waterfalls, numerous fields and crops, which welcome tourists to give them memorable experiences.

Learning the cultural values, customs and trades of rural life that still retains an ancestral authenticity, typical of this region of the country, and also shares the fruits of a generous and friendly land, are points of reference for the practice of rural tourism through the Peasant Development Association.

Ecological trails, beautiful landscapes, variety of thermal floors and activities that suggest an exclusive contact with nature and the daily work of the inhabitants of the countryside, are some of the charms of this land that delivers magical and unforgettable impressions.