One week of the month of July of 1996, imagination, intelligence and love gathered in the South of Colombia. Old friends and friends who did not know each other arrived. Everyone expected the “Encounter” to share their experiences and their joys. They were dynamic days, because so much energy was concentrated and so many ideas were combined, that nobody doubted that the course of the country could be different; it is already already in the hearts and it is being in the daily life of the farms, the houses, the universities and even the offices of those who attended the meeting.

It was a new invitation but nobody seemed strange. We summon to disoñar and teachers arrived, all versed in such practice, carriers of Duendes of Switzerland, United States, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Spain, Guatemala, Germany and of all the corners of Colombia, from San Andres to Leticia, and from the Pacific Ocean to the Orinoco River: the four cardinal points as a hug, surrounded this homeland that has known pain as few.

These people who do and think, who create and imagine, who dream and design, leave in these pages very broad horizons: distances that each one was traveling and that we can now extend. The Disoñadores del Futuro of this encounter in the South, we help ourselves to feel less alone, but also to feel different and, therefore, richer.

These memories are undoubtedly incomplete, because they do not have the cold air of the Cocha, nor the hugs, nor the music, converted into energy. The true memory is written in each one of the participants: it belongs to them. For them each reading will be unique and each copy will have in the eyes of the reader, the magic of becoming particular and proper. We are pleased to invite you to review those intense days and those ideas that we said we were committed to a better future.

From July to today we made new friends and dreamed other directions. The yellow strip has expanded its margins: meetings, meetings and groups all over the country, have let slip the word “Disoñar” that, as in a story, opens doors and makes us optimal and we decide. Even the media let themselves be seduced and transmitted to the country the words and faces of many of us who believe in a different Colombia.

Every day dreams are more real and the number of designers is greater, which makes us proud and gives us a plural and diverse character. This facsimile edition is restricted to the participants of the event “Designers of the Future. An Encounter in the South “, and constitutes a new way to prolong the meeting. A broader edition will be put in book form, for which we hope to have your input, answering and sending the attached survey.

A warm hug and a happy reading.


Octavio Duque López

Mauricio Beltrán Quintero.