The proposal of Heirs of the Planet was born parallel to the creation of the Private Natural Reserves of Civil Society, as a need for the children of the owners to bond in the construction of an alternative way of life, in which they could be recognized as persons , express and explore their creativity and grow in the midst of their surroundings, surrounded by their friends and brothers. Since then, the Area of Heirs of the Planet contributes to the formation of children and young people belonging to the different zonal groups, students of schools and colleges. Currently, there are thirteen groups with 506 members:


  • Gualmaventura, from the Minga Gualmatán
  • Toucans, from the Minga Asoyarcocha
  • Friends of Nature, of the Minga Asounificados
  • The Orchid, from the Minga Asorquidea
  • The Friends of the Pailón of the Corregimiento of Santa Barbara – Sandoná
  • The Frailejones of Telpis – of the Vereda San. José de Córdoba – Yacuanquer
  • Golden Spikes of the Sidewalk El Rosario – Yacuanquer
  • Los Semilleros, from the San Felipe District – Yacuanquer
  • Chapacual Trail – Vida de Yaraanquer
  • Drops of life from La Guaca – Yacuanquer
  • Conservatives of A Dream of Life of the San Rafael Path – Consacá
  • Los Robles, from the city of Pasto
  • The Water Guardians of the San Felipe Trail – Pasto


The main axes of the accompaniment and training processes are environmental education, knowledge generation and the transmission of values over time; understanding that “the land we have is a loan from our children and not a gift from our parents”.

For the development of this transversal axis through which an integral and complementary education to formal education is sought, we propose that children and young people become an active part of the municipal and municipal development of their communities by creating proposals that contribute to solve their basic needs.

We seek harmonious and integrative training within the process. For this reason, each activity involves the different areas of work of the ADC, which allows generating a diversity of opportunities and possibilities for the participation of children and young people. The Heirs program has become an alternative process of education where each child or young person participates in the things that they like and really want to learn, while they are committed to the actions that the group has decided to carry out.

The program is a formative and recreational alternative for children and young people, who participate in their own training in a playful way, fall in love with their land and choose to stay in it to realize their dreams, without isolating themselves from technological advances.